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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Calvinistic Side Of The Blogiverse

Here is a new feature to be updated weekly, or , bi-weekly, depending on if I have time for it. Each week I will highlight a blogger who is thoroughly Calvinistic, tell you a little about their Blog, and recommend different posts by them.

This week's feature, and the very first in the series is, drumroll please, The Calvinist Gadfly! Cheers! Actually 'Cheers' is how Alan Kurschner (a.k.a Calvinist Gadfly) ends each and every post.
Alan is a great guy from what I can tell, who loves the doctrines of grace and defends them with with knowledge, grace, wit, and an occasional 'Calvinist Gadfly Award'. Trust me, you don't want to win the 'Gadfly'.

Here's who should read the Gadfly daily:
If you are a Calvinist who wants to understand some of the attacks that are coming against Calvinism today, you should read The Calvinist Gadfly.
If you are a Calvinist who wants to know more about what you believe, you should read The Calvinist Gadfly.
If you are not a Calvinist, but want to know more about Calvinism, you should read The Calvinist Gadfly.
If you are anti-Calvinistic, and would like to understand better the Biblical issues surrounding Calvinism, you should read The Calvinist Gadfly.
If you are preaching a series against Calvinism at your church, you should read The Calvinist Gadfly, for a right perspective on what Calvinism really is.

Alan often invites a guest, Gene Bridges, to write a post or two on Calvinism. His latest posts are on Southern Baptist History and Calvinism. The Two Stream Theory of Southern Baptist Theological History? Fact or Fiction? Part One: The Sandy Creek Confession and Antebellum Culture., and, The Two Stream Theory of Southern Baptist Theological History? Fact or Fiction? Part Two: Objections to Portraying the Sandy Creek Association as Staunch Calvinists. These are both excellent posts that set the record straight on the Calvinistic, historical roots of the SBC.

Some of my favorite posts by Alan are, Saddleback Attempts a Balancing Act Between Predestination and Free Will, and ends up embracing "Evangelical Deism" and the Ancient Heresy of "Dualism.", One Man's Story of Believing in Open Theism and now Embracing Calvinism..., A Bio glimpse behind the Gadfly; a thanks to my readers; and a note about holding Evangelical leaders' words accountable... (for more info about the Gadly), and, Jack Graham in Disagreement with his own SBC Baptist Faith & Message.

So here's the deal, Go read The Calvinist Gadfly right now. I have nothing more to say to you today.


bluecollar said...


pilgrim said...

Since I often read through the blogs I enjoy in alphabetical order (they're saved that way on my computer)--I've already checked it out--so now I'm on to "E"

But it is a good site...

Joe said...


Antonio said...

If you are a Calvinist and you want to know more about what you believe...


Jeremy, in your opinion, are there many Calvinists out there who require this assistance?

Jeremy Weaver said...

Calvinists love being the choir that is preached to. You think controversy gets us fired up, getting around others who are mirror images of ourselves really sets us on fire.
I've been to a couple of Ligonier conferences and when I left I was ready to take on the world!
But I would keep a low profile, if I were you. I don't nominate anyone for the Gadfly award, but someone who reads here might.
On the other hand, you would probably wear the award with honor to your church this Sunday.

marc said...

Congrats Alan! Still waiting for Guiness and Eschatology night...

Calvinist Gadfly said...

Thanks Jeremy! I am honored to be the initial Hitchhikers' Calvinist Blog. Good series by the way on the "is nots" of Calvinism.


Tony K. said...

Someone should write a "You might be a Calvinist if . . . " kinda like Blue Collar TV only reformed.

H K Flynn said...

Thanks for the tip.

BTW I'm in your 3rd category. Assuming I counted right...