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Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Sons

Although I'm still not all that comfortable posting pictures about my two boys, I do want everyone to know how proud I am of both of them.

The oldest, David (actually Jeremy David Weaver II), is seven and probably the smartest seven year old alive. He knows everything. He comes home from school, asks me a question to which I could never ever possibly know the answer, I respond with something off the wall, and he then proceeds to explain to me why my answer is wrong. I think his name will be James White when he grows up. He is also very handsome and a great singer.

Daniel (4), on the other hand, is street smart. He's a tricksy little hobbit. He may be book smart too, but he's still learning to read. He's a tough kid, too. So far this year he has destroyed a door and a cabinet using only his head. (I've stopped the running in the house...it's getting too expensive.) Today, at 8:45am, Daniel will be singing at the United Methodist Church where he attends preschool. He's the little drummer boy in a Christmas musical. After the musical we will be going to our church at 10:00 for Sunday School, and then for Worship at 11:00.

I'm writing this, not only to let you know that I am proud of both of my sons, but to express thanksgiving to God for both of them. I do not deserve them. I dare say that no parent has ever deserved their children. They are truly a treasure from God.
But they are also a stewardship from God. God has given my wife and I these two boys to raise in the 'fear and admonition of the Lord'. We are to raise them to be good citizens of their country, good husbands to their wives, good fathers to their children, good members of their church, and good all around people.
But this is impossible. No matter how proud I am of them, and no matter how I raise them, they are still products of the fall. They are sinners. The only hope for them is the grace of God revealed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And this is my first and foremost responsibility to them. I must continually be teaching them the Gospel. This is their only hope. They need Christ.
This is a challenge that I want to put forth to all parents everywhere. Your children are never to young to hear the Gospel. Share it with them daily. I am writing this to myself as well. I acknowledge that I have taken this charge lightly in the past. And I am now repenting and pledging all my strength to the conversion of my sons. This must be a daily repentance. I fail each and every day to use every opportunity to give them the Gospel. But this I must do. And you must do it also.

It is the only truly loving thing we can do for our children.


bluecollar said...


forgiven said...


You Just went up two more levels in My book ( if that means anything). My kids and Grand childern mean alot to me.
Your a good man
Feed the Lambs....
Thank you

Tony K. said...

Repentance is always better in public. Thanks for the post, it encouraged me.

J. Wendell said...

Your oldest sounds a lot like my oldest ... the smarts and the song. Your youngest sounds like me! Our children do need the gospel so much. I am keenly aware of how much sorrow and heartache I would have been spared ... and I wouldn't have caused ... if I had been raised in a home where I learned this gospel.

Soldier on!

Shawn L said...

amen. Blessings in teaching your children.