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Friday, January 20, 2006

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Calvinistic Side Of The Blogosphere

...and His Ministers a Flame of Fire is a blog written by the Centuri0n, aka Frank, Turk, Cent, Frank 'Cent' Turk, and Frank Turk. No matter what I've said elsewhere, Turk is reformed. He also has a very interesting blog. The posts are heavy and the comments are light. I have been reading ...and His Ministers a Flame of Fire for a while now, sporadically at first, now daily, and am impressed with Turk's grasp of Baptist Theology. So here are a few posts that you might be interested in reading that will show Centuri0n's wit and theological acumen.

By Which You Are Being Saved
It Looks Worse On You
Orthodoxy? Does It Matter? 2 2a 3

There's some good stuff here. Go read it.

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