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Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Books

Here's some new books I recently acquired from Ligonier Ministries. I sent in an order and had R. C. send them out to me. Speaking of R. C., I also received an invitation to a breakfast question and answer session with him, before the start of the 2006 National Conference in Orlando, FL. The only problem is....I can't go. I also can't go to the Together For The Gospel Conference in Louisville, KY either.
Anyway, back to my big lie. I said, "R. C., here's a list of books I want you to send me, and if you could, sell'em to me at half price." R. C. said, "O. K. They'll be at your house in one week from Tuesday." Sure enough, they came a week from the Tuesday I ordered'em.
Let's see, R. C. sent me:
2 copies of The Holiness Of God,
2 copies of Chosen By God,
Edwards On Heaven and Hell,
A Marvelous Ministry,
The Art Of Divine Contentment,
The Almost Christian Discovered, and
Edwards: A Mini-Theology.

I also have some good news! Marc is blogging again! God help us all. His new address is:

All is well in the blogosphere. With Kurcshner and Heinreich gone, I could spell everyone's last names right!


candyinsierras said...

The Holiness of God and Chosen by God are two of my favorite books! Hmm...maybe I should try your tactic and get some good books.

ThirstyDavid said...

Did you get two copies of The Holiness of God and Chosen by God so you could send one to me? Let me know if you need my mailing address.

Joe said...

Kurcshner and Heinreich sounds like a local ambulance chasing law firm.

Jeremy Weaver said...

If thou hast not the books, email me thy address and I shall send them thee speedily.