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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Meeting A Zava

Three Southern Baptists and a Presbyterian walk into a Line-X store...Sound like a joke? It's not! This is a true story!
Last fall, my brother, Pastor Steve Weaver of Pastor Steve Weaver's blog, had the privilege of attending the Ligonier Pastor's Conference. While In Orlando he met a person I like to call ...David. Turns out David is an internet hound and has a blog and he lives about twenty minutes away from us! The Zavablog is the Official Site of David Zavadil.
Anyway, Steve met David for lunch Tuesday and then brought him by my workplace. My boss is a Southern Baptist preacher, my brother is a Southern Baptist Pastor (Pastor Steve Weaver), I am a Southern Baptist preacher, and David is a 'Presby' (washes babies) preacher.
So the four of us a re talking when a customer decides to tell a joke. Before the joke my boss said, "Don't tell anything dirty, we are all four preachers." So the guy tells a joke that made me want to wash my ears out with soap. The thing is, the guy probably thought the joke was clean!
Anyway, that's the account of my first meeting with the Zavablogger. Now, go read it!


pilgrim said...

I check out Zavablog practically every day.
Some good stuff there...

Rose~ said...

Hey Jeremy,
What does that graphic mean/say in your left sidebar?

David said...

Pilgrim is too nice. I check out his as well as DOXOBLOGY and Pastor Steve''s sites almost daily myself.