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Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Graphic UPDATED

I was asked in the comments section of the last post what the graphic below my profile says and means.
The graphic says, "I Made Rule 40 At BHT!"
The good people at the Boar's Head Tavern have endowed me with an unintentional honor. They have placed me on Rule 40. Rule 40 reads like this:
40. ALL links from, ALL quotes from and any comments about the BHT or its fellows (and their blogs) taken from the sites listed are prohibited at the BHT. This does NOT mean these blogs cannot be mentioned or topics at these blogs discussed, but ALL links from and ALL quotes from these blogs and any comments CONCERNING THE BHT or its MEMBERS (and their blogs) are prohibited. [Fide-O, Triablogue, Centuri0n, Pyromaniacs, Alpha and Omega Ministries, Calvinist Gadfly, Doxoblogy]
I think it is supposed to be some sort of censure, but since I don't care if anyone links to me (Boar's Head included), it doesn't really mean much.
The honor that I get out of it is that I get to see my blog's name in a list with Fide-O, Triablogue, Centuri0n, Pyromaniacs, Alpha and Omega Ministries, and Calvinist Gadfly.
So I thought I could accurately depict how I feel about being placed on Rule 40 by making a button that treated it as an honor.
If any of the others on Rule 40 want to steal the graphic, go ahead!

Update!!! Emergent No has been added to Rule 40. Good going gals!


Steve Weaver said...

Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!

garry weaver said...

It's just as well. I tried to teach you boys to stay away from taverns anyway.

centuri0n said...

OK, so the questions abound:

(1) Why is that button shaped like GI Joe's shoe (neither left nor right)?

(2) What is the relationship between Steve, Garry and Jeremy?

(3) Is this a spiritual gift, or is Satan trying to divert the Blogosphere just in time for Ash Wednesday?

Rose~ said...

you must needs do something about that avatar!

Sojourner said...

I think that I must be a terrible blogger, and frankly, pastor because no one hates me yet. *sigh* I have only even been yelled at once, never struck or beaten. I must not be living right.

Jeremy Weaver said...

It's shaped like that because I'm an idiot who can't do anything without help. I made the button at cooltext.com.

Steve is my brother and Garry is my dad.

I assume you refer to my gift of troublemaking. Yes, it is a spiritual gift. Other of my gifts include abasement and superiority.

That's ok. I'll be your enemy.

Jeremy Weaver said...

What's wrong with the avatar? I mean, other than Steve's poor Photoshop skills?

Rosie said...

It scares me.

étrangère said...

Hey, congrats Doxo! I'm still trying to reconcile myself to your new image (more the change of scheme than the change of avatar), but the addition of that accolade has to help ;-)

Brad, we all know you've been trying hard - y'know, even sacrificing a reader stat for telling Biblical truth vs Mormonism - and then posting about hell, but I'll probably not even complain to you again unless you get slatingly careless in critiquing Calvin again ;-) And as I'm definitely not a BHT frequenter (there are better bars in Belgium) and am not going to hate you whatever, I guess I've got little consolation to offer. I guess you just need to post a piece of your mind about some flavour of beverage currently on offer at BHT and employ a minion to pick it up, run into the tavern and wave it around.

John Rush said...


Is there an imbalance in the Force? Do you now walk only on one foot? The Foot of Forty? Is this the sound of one foot clomping?

Is there any way I can be censured on your blog?

The Envious and Somewhat Curious about the Meaning of the Rule of 40... (I can't keep up with my own blog, let alone the controversies we live in...)

Carla said...

You know, I could be sarcastically witty about this "honor" (and believe you me, it's real tempting), but the reality of this deal is this:

Why does anyone read that mess in the first place?

Oh well. I'll prepare my acceptance speech for the 40'd Convention at the Taco Time parking lot in Cent's hometown. It'll be short, I promise.

Carla (big bad meanie at ENo)

Jeremy Weaver said...

You're right. Who reads that garbage? I guess I'm the only TR that does. I like to be disgusted every once in a while.

John Rush said...

I'm waiting for my censure.


Jeremy Weaver said...

Oh no, John! You didn't criticize the iMonk or any of his fellow drinking buddies, did you?

John Rush said...

No, no. In fact, I enjoy some of the stuff over there.

Actually, I was hoping that I had offended you seriously enough to be censured by the Doxoblogist. You know, criticism is my spiritual gift...

By the way, if this is what you look like when you're happy, what happens if a commenter makes you mad?

Do you turn green and start smashing computers?

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