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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not A Pity Party

After a year in the blogosphere I have found out that several groups of people don't like me. The hate-mail keeps rolling in.

These are just general categories, I know you guys that read this blog regularly like me.

The Covenantals don't like me, but neither do the Dispensationalists. The Charismatics don't like me, but then again, neither do the Cessationists. Premillers, Postmillers, and even some Amillers don't like me. Free Gracer's don't like me, almost as much as the legalists don't like me.

In fact, there is pretty much only one group of people that like me so far, and that's the Presbyterians. I think this is because we have an unspoken agreement that we can have fellowship in the Gospel even though we disagree on some other things. This agreement is not that we ignore those disagreements, but that we keep the main thing the main thing and don't resort to false accusations about each other's positions. But that's something else altogether.

The point is, there are a lot of people who are unhappy with me because I am a non-charismatic, non-cessationist, continuationist, NCT, Amil, who believes that we are under the Law of Christ and not the Law that was given to the nation of Israel.

The question then, is why do I hold these positions? Is it because I am a rebel? Or maybe because I want to be different? Maybe it's because I want to make enemies!

No. No. And, no. Why then?

I want to please Christ. I want to serve God. I want my theology to be shaped, not by a system or a circle of friends, but by the Word of God. To do anything else would make me a servant of my system or my friends. Isn't that the gist of what Paul says in Galatians?
For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. (Gal 1:10)
This statement by Paul comes on the heels of His remarks about the singleness of the Gospel. There is only one. Paul had become convinced of that through a revelation from Jesus Christ, and, as His Apostle, I think he knew what he was saying. There's only one truth. And he was irrevocably convinced of that truth. In much the same way, though not exactly since I'm not an Apostle, I am convinced of the truth of these positions I hold. I didn't get them from a book, but from Scripture (although some books were helpful in nudging me towards a better understanding of Scripture). So I hope you'll pardon me when I don't budge on these positions just because someone throws a prooftext out that is supposed to destroy my whole worldview. I also hope you'll rejoice with me when I am convinced by Scripture that something I formerly believed to be true is in fact false.

No, I'm not infallible, and I hope we can deal with the text of Scripture honestly and wrestle together with it and not each other. Frankly, I have no stomach for personal attacks. This is evidenced by the many times the way I respond when I am attacked. More than once I have asked for forgiveness because I took some personal attack against myself and responded in kind. From now own those attacks will either be ignored or responded to with a defense of myself, if required, rather than a flame-war of harmful words.

My not-so-current-anymore debate with Peter on the Law is a great example of how Christian brothers should discuss these matters. We have both been firm in our convictions, yet ready to change if convinced by Scripture, and never once have we resorted to personal attacks between us.

The title of this post is 'Not A Pity Party'. But I also want you to understand that it's not a 'Glory Party' either. This is a public confession of my own faults and a call for civility in a God-honoring discourse of His Word.

In other words, sure, we'll strain at the gnats, but let's keep the camels out of the digestive tract.


Jonathan Moorhead said...

I like you Jeremy. Keep on keepin' on.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy a CT, Cessationist, Post-Mill, Baptist let me state for the record that I like you. I disagree with you but that doesn't mean I don't like you. So blog and keep on blogging how can we discuss these things unless you bring them out into the open. Brother on of my best friends is a Paedo, Amil , PresbyCongregationalist (yeah it makes my head hurt too). Who loves to poke fun at my Post-Mill views.
If I can call him a brother in Christ recognizing our distinctives but agree on what matters how can I not do the same for you?


Anonymous said...

Pardon the thick fingered post there jeremy sometimes the digits work other times they hit the right keys. :)

ThirstyDavid said...

Yeah, OK, me too. You're alright.

Garry Weaver said...

I like you a little bit.

Rose~ said...

You forgot to mention that you talk funny. hehe :~)

We like you, Jeremy. Your thoughts in the post about avoiding personal atttacks is right on!

D.J. Cimino said...

I like you. I esp like sunday school. after having fluff for many years its good to have some meat so I can grow.

bluecollar said...

You're Ok.

Rick B. said...


I visit your blog often but this is my first comment here. I really enjoy reading your posts.

Everyone can’t agree with everyone on everything. Healthy debate and discussion keeps you sharp and helps you grow.

Hey Peter, you wouldn't happen to post on "The Highway" would you? Your description of your friend sounds a lot like "Pilgrim" over there. I don't post there - but I read it once and a while.

ThirstyDavid said...

That's right, I forgot - you talk funny (thanks, Rose), like you're rom Tennessee or something. That just gives you character, though. Like Gomer Pyle.

T A Blankenship said...

I enjoy reading your articles. I do not always agree with you, but I love any of my brothers in Christ.
I am looking forward to seeing Jesus in the Rapture, and the millennium, and throughout all eternity. And will see you there too.

pilgrim said...

I like you Jeremy, even though I am a Presbyterian, hold to covenant theology, etc, etc--at least you're amil! (Actually that's one of the less important things there.)

The bottom line is hte gospel--so even though we don't agree on it all--I believe we agree on the essentials.

But I know your tongue is most likely in dnager of being bitten as it resides at least slightly in your cheek for that part of your post...

Antonio said...


try walking a day in the shoes of a Free Grace advocate. It is hard preaching the truth and being lambasted for it from every corner...

Nevertheless, I have found you to be personable and charming.

(I wish you would convert to FG theology)


BugBlaster said...

I like you more than I like your father.

BugBlaster said...

Do you feel like Sally Field?

Cal Wallace said...

I'm with ya. And, you've been tagged.