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Friday, October 27, 2006

Unexpected, Unsolicited, Much-Wanted, And Much-Needed Help

My friend to the north, whose politics are a little wimpy, discovered that my poetry making skills were not up to snuff, and so he tried to help me out.

Don't get hurt trying to click all of those links at once.


Anonymous said...

I'm in angst at all those links. Are you trying to sow acrimony?

Jeremy Weaver said...

Silly, silly Bug. Acrimony isn't a plant, it's a vegetable.

Anonymous said...

I feel compelled, being a homeschool mother and a defender of all things grammatical to inform you that you have mistakenly used "who's" which is a contraction meaning "who is" rather than the appropriate "whose" which is a possessive.

I hope this doesn't cause any macaroni, acrimony or alimony of any kind.

Jeremy Weaver said...

I fixed it. Now how many run-on sentences can you find?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, while you may have used an incorrect word, you sentence structure was just beautiful.