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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No new posts till Monday

Whereas, I am preaching this Sunday night, and
Whereas, I spend to much time in the bogosphere, and
Whereas, I need to prepare spiritually, and
Whereas, I need to prepare exegetically, and
Whereas, I will be working a little more this week, and
Whereas, I have made enemies of most of the people in the blogiverse, therefore,
Be it resolved that I will not post a blog till either late Sunday night or Monday morning.

Comments will still be a part of my daily routine, on account of, I likes to talk.


Bhedr said...

Stop making excuses! you just want more time to watch football.

Bhedr said...

Oh and I'm gonna get you! You labelite! If its the last thing I do:-)

Steve Weaver said...

You will be missed!

Guys, read my site while he's away. It's better! Pastor Steve Weaver's Blog

Shawn L said...


No enemies here.


I read yours alot, but comment here alot more for some reason for which I have no idea.

John Rush said...


I look forward to tag-teaming the preaching with you this Sunday night--from what I understand about the line up.

You better be good! Somebody there will need spiritual nourishment.

In the meantime, EVERYONE come to my site. We're having a party. Cheese dip for everyone.


J. Wendell said...


I can understand workload, phew! I wish I could come to your church Sunday night, it sounds like an up lifting time. Maybe you could send me a tape.

In His grace, John

I'm going to the other blogs now I realy like cheese dip!

Magaly said...

Que bueno! A ver si tengo tiempo para hablar contigo, doxoblogist!

Joe said...

Chill! All you have to do is take one of your previous posts and preach it. No preparation necessary!

Jeremy Weaver said...

Shhh! Don't let anyone in on the secret!
I actually am going to be preaching from Galatians 3:1-14.

pilgrim said...

From Galatians!

How daring!

May God be with you as you speak!

Bhedr said...

Hey buddy,

Guess what! I am getting out of the blogoshere. God's been convicting me and calling me away from the computer as well. For me it is a snare that draws attention from my family. I have tried to rationalize the two, but I cannot. It is not like this for everyone but it is for me. God sent John to preach repentance to turn the hearts of the Fathers to the children. I got off the road because of this call and am finding that bloggin for me is kinda like trucking. A noble pursuit but never the less an unhealthy one. I wish I could balance the two, but I cannot. I just got done praying and am at peace about this. Take care bud. I hope your Vols make it to the BCS. I may email you from time to time.


Jeremy Weaver said...

You will be missed. You'd better email me. I may have some trusses I need to transport.

John Rush said...

15 verses!

I'll bring my lunch.


John Rush said...

It's Monday. Where's your new post?


pilgrim said...

"It's Monday. Where's your new post?"

He still has 2 verses to cover...